I-Bride interchangeable system

The Easy-Ride interchangeable bit form our new range of bits, entirely made in France. 6 mouthpieces are available and can adapt to different side pieces. With an allen key, it is possible to put on or remove the side pieces. Build the mouthpiece / side pieces combination adapted to the horse and rider needs.

A real innovation to be as close as possible to your horse sensitivity and evolution.


Our different side pieces

D rings

D-ring snaffle is similar to the eggbutt snaffle. Unlike the loose ring, the D-ring puts more lateral control and also delivers more control when turning. D-rings frame the sides of the horse’s mouth. They therefore transmit information more quickly from the rider’s hand while limiting interference.

Combined with the Easy-Ride mouthpiece, the D-rings form a bit which provides precision and comfort.


Short or long pelham branches

Available in two sizes, short and long, pelham branches are often indicated with strong horses. They allow better control of the horse while providing an optimal comfort thanks the I-Bride mouthpiece.

The reins attached to the bottom ring will have a lowering effect. The reins placed on the top ring have an slightly uplifting effect.
It is possible to use it with 2 or 4 reins.

Short or long weymouth branches

Our weymouth branches are available in short or long size. They should be combined with one of our mouthpiece.

Unlike the pelham, the weymouth branches have only a ring in the basal part. They have a lowering effect.

More information on the combination with the snaffle bit (loose ring) in our shop!

How to assemble side pieces with the mouthpiece?