A mouthpiece without visible joint

Single or double jointed bits bend due to the action of the reins.

Depending on the bit and the position of the hand, this kind of bit can form one or two pressure point which can pinch the palate or the tongue of the horse and also create preassure on the bars.

Double jointed bits are more precise than a straight or single jointed bit but can still cause injuries in the horse’s mouth.

To avoid pinching on the tongue or lesions on the palate, we integrate the articulation inside our bits. The external structure is safe, avoid various injuries and offer an optimal comfort.

A shock-absorbing and flexible mouthpiece inspired by other sports


The practice of many sports has evolved due to the improvement of the equipment used. The notions of “shock absorption” and “flexibility” are well known in the choice of equipment for sports like running, tennis, golf or skiing. I-Bride innovates by transposing the notions of shock absorption and flexibility to its bits.


Thanks to different dampings and flexibilities of their racquets, sneakers, skis or clubs, athletes transmit finer and controlled information while preserving their health and their endurance.

Innovation for performance

With I-Bride, you have a choice of 6 mouthpieces.  Each of them offer a different combination of damping and flexibility.

The internal core of our bits is available in 2 flexibilities. This flexibility is the ability of the bit to bend in response to the hand’s action.

For each of these flexibilities, our mouthpieces are available in 3 dampings. Damping is the ability of the I-Bride mouthpiece to absorb the intensity of the action of the rider’s hands into your horse’s mouth.


Choosing your bit

Why develop the notion of shock absorption for bits?

The shock absorption offer you a mouthpiece able to absorb the hand action on the reins. Our bits are available in 3 dampings allowing to act on stability, reactivity, dynamism or the hand action absorption intensity.

Like car shock absorbers, this notion works thanks to a movement storing the deceleration.

Our body and horses bodies is naturally able to absorb shocks. The musculoskeletal system tries to reduce the shock waves every moment. Those shock waves travel from the feet to the head when we walk for example.

But the use of equipment for riding (mouthpieces and saddles) leads to the appearance of new areas of shock in the horse.

To fight against the repercussions of these waves, without hindering the complex functioning of the musculoskeletal system, it is necessary to adapt your equipment.

I-Bride will optimize the comfort of the horse by absorbing the shocks likely to reduce the performance of the animal. The ergonomics of these bits will dissipate the vertical impact by passing it on to a horizontal diffusion.

Why did you develop several flexibilities?

I-Bride wanted to adapt to the sensitivity of each horse. This sensitivity is linked to the horse’s temperament, its history, its environment and its morphology. By stimulating his horse with an action of the hand, the bit will solicit different areas of his mouth. Our technology proposes to solicit different mechanoreceptors according to the sensitivity of one’s horse:

  • For horses that are not particularly sensitive to the bars, but need to free their tongue, our Flex+ bits will offer better flexibility and solicit the horse like a double-jointed bit. It is a more encompassing bit which will stimulate all the mechanoreceptors of the horse’s mouth (tongue, bars, corners);
  • For horses sensitive to the pressure on the bars, our more rigid Flex-bits will provide support similar to a straight bit. The bars will therefore be less stimulated and the tongue more stressed.

Classic range bits

Our classic range of bits with loose ring comes in 2 flexibilities and 3 dampings.

The mouthpiece is cylindrical along its entire length. The loose rings are added to the end of the mouthpiece and then welded.

An innovation that makes it possible to adapt to the sensitivity of horses.

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Easy-Ride range mouthpieces

Easy-Ride mouthpieces are interchangeable. The Easy-Ride range is available in 2 flexibilities and 3 dampings, like the classic range.

Easy-Ride can be recognized by their T-shaped ends. Using an allen key, you can place or remove the mouthpiece on different side pieces to form pelham bits, weymouth bits, D ring bits, D ring gag bits, 3 rings bits…

An innovation that allows riders to adapt their equipment to the sensitivity of each equine and the needs of their sport.

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