Kimblewick Cheek Pieces


Product details :

Made in France

Cheek pieces type : Kimblewick / Goyo Aga cheek pieces

Cheek pieces material : stainless steel

Patented technology.

Product description

Kimblewick Cheek Pieces are generally designed for powerful horses. Combined with our Easy-Ride mouthpieces, they provide a lowering and turning action at the nape of the neck to keep the horse round, high and taut. These buckles are used with a curb chain, which provides more or less pressure and leverage.



These buckles can be used with three settings: 

  • reins attached high → soft effect
  • in the middle loop → firm effect
  • down → powerful effect

The side pieces are here sold without the mouthpiece. You can choose mouthpieces or the complete bits in the shop.

Why use these buckles ?

Like the Baucher, the Kimblewick Cheek Pieces provide slight leverage and facilitate poll-yielding.

It should not be used on horses with a tendency to stoop.

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Cheek pieces maintenance

The Kimblewick / Goyo Aga cheek pieces are made from a noble material: austenitic stainless steel. The characteristics of this material are ideal for the horse’s mouth :

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Longevity
  • This material does not release chrome when in contact with the horse’s saliva

I-Bride Pegase should be cleaned with water after each use.


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