Weymouth branches


Product Features :

Made in France

Short branch length : 153 mm

Long branch length : 172 mm

Temple Type : Weymouth branches

Branch material : stainless steel

Patented technologies.

Branch size : Short / Long

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Product description

Our bridle branches are available in short or long sizes.

Unlike pelham, bridle branches have only one ring at the base. A lowering effect is achieved with bridle bits.

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Why use these buckles ?

The Weymouth branches are a precision tool made up of two bits: a bridle bit (loose ring or sweet bits) and large branches bit. The length of the branches can vary; the shorter they are, the less severe they tend to be.

For official dressage competitions, only the I-Bride bit can be used, accompanied by a bridle bit with one or two visible joints.

These branches are available in two sizes: short and long.

The side pieces are here sold without the mouthpiece. You can choose mouthpieces or the complete bits in the shop.


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Branch maintenance

The weymouth branches are made from a noble material: food stainless steel. The characteristics of this material are ideal for use near the horse’s mouth:

  • resistance to corrosion
  • longevity
  • food grade: does not reject any chromium in contact with saliva

I-Bride double bridle temples should be cleaned with water after each use.


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