Pelham Branches


Product Features:

Short branch length: 150 mm

Long branch length: 170 mm

Branch type: pelham

Branch material: food stainless steel

Patented technologies.

Branch length: Short / Long

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Detailed description

The pelham branches are made in food grade stainless steel, a noble material. The properties of this material are ideal for use in contact with the mucous membranes of horses:

  • strong resistance to corrosion
  • high durability
  • biocompatible and food-grade material: it does not reject chromium in contact with saliva

Two sizes are available for our pelham branches: short and long.

The side pieces are here sold without the mouthpiece. You can choose mouthpieces or the complete bits in the shop.

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Branch maintenance

I-Bride pelham temples should be cleaned with water after each use.


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