Pelham Branches


Product Features:

Made in France

Short branch length: 150 mm

Long branch length: 170 mm

Branch type: pelham

Branch material: food stainless steel

Patented technologies.

Branch length: Short / Long


Product description

Available in two sizes, short and long, pelham limbs are often indicated on strong horses with blood. They allow better control of the horse while providing comfort with the I-Bride mouthpiece.

Reins attached to the lower ring have a lowering effect, while reins attached to the upper ring have a slightly lifting effect.  Can be used with 2 or 4 reins.

Why use these buckles ?

The pelham is used for its leverage and lowering effect, and can be used with 2 or 4 reins. It is generally used with a curb chain, but it is possible to do without one to soften its action, or by replacing the metal curb chain with a leather strap.

As a reminder, a well-adjusted curb chain is one that tightens when the branch makes a 45° angle with the mouth.

Two sizes are available for our pelham branches: short and long.

The side pieces are here sold without the mouthpiece. You can choose mouthpieces or the complete bits in the shop.


Read Julien Gonin‘s testimonial, equipped with Easy-Ride Pelham Soft Flex + :


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Branch maintenance

The pelham branches are made in food grade stainless steel, a noble material. The properties of this material are ideal for use in contact with the mucous membranes of horses:

  • strong resistance to corrosion
  • high durability
  • biocompatible and food-grade material: it does not reject chromium in contact with saliva

I-Bride pelham temples should be cleaned with water after each use.


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