In order to offer advanced technology to professional riders, I-Bride has created the Pro+ Range, called Gamme Pro +.
This will bring together our R&D products and our bits for experienced riders.

The aim: to enable professional riders to adapt their settings.

Here you’ll find all our prototypes and products used by our professional riders, available for trial.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

+ Interchangeable tandem

After 1 year of R&D, 6 prototypes and testing and feedback from our sponsored riders, I-Bride has developed the I-Bride interchangeable tandem.


The interchangeable tandem has been designed to allow a choice of I-Bride cushioning and flexibility. In order to make this choice, the rider can, like our Easy-Ride range, adapt his barrel.


This equipment is a recently developed mouthpiece, combining the use of a bit and a “combined” hackamore. The tandem allows pressure to be distributed between the mouth (tongue / mandibular bars / lips…), the bridge of the nose and the nape of the neck.

Suitable for sensitive horses with strength.


Tandem settings

The I-Bride tandem is not allowed in club events, and is mainly used by experienced riders.

+ Offset mouthpieces

The offset mouthpieces was developed by our equine dentists, in collaboration with our sponsored riders, with the aim of creating a cannon adapted to horses with: anterior-posterior misalignments, mandibular periostitis, large tongues, etc., to provide an adapted space in the cannon for optimum comfort and contact.

This barrel is available with all I-Bride brand mouthpieces, as well as with single buckles, lift buckles and on the tandem.

+ Classic mouthpieces

You’re familiar with them on Classic Range bits, but our Classic mouthpieces are now available on Gamme Pro + products, with an exclusive Pro + innovation :

+ Soft Flex Mouthpieces

This white mouthpiece offers :

  • the same cushioning as SOFT
  • new flexibility

The aim of this flexibility is to distribute pressure evenly between the mandibular bars and the tongue.
This intermediate flexibility between Flex + (support zone: mandibular bars) and Flex – (support zone: tongue) gives the horse a new contact.


+ If you’d like to try us out or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

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