I-BRide story

I-Bride was born in the mind of Harold Feugas. Equine dental technician for 20 years and passionate about his profession, Harold works every day in contact with horses, riders and equine care specialists. He tries to improve human/horse communication.

His practice as equine dental technician led him to see the repercussions of bits use on the entire horse body function. Daily, Harold observed broken teeth, cut tongues, necrotic bars or even allergies on the mucous membranes. Finally, the equine dental technician intervention is not enough to repair the damages.

NB : Allergies are related to the use of bits with poor quality alloys.

At the same time, many riders described limited control, wary or reluctant horses in contact with the bit. Following these feedbacks, a question bothered Harold: “How to optimize horse comfort and make it more connected to the rider?”

To answer this question, Harold brought together riders, osteopaths, farriers and veterinarians. Inspired by other sports, Harold proposed to transcribe the properties of flexibility, ergonomics and shock absorption on bits. At that moment, the idea of I-Bride was born.


Associates with unwavering support

To accompany him in this adventure Harold joins forces with 2 other people:

  • Sylvain MICHELLAND, I-Bride communication manager
  • Isabelle MOLLON, who takes care of the administrative burden of the project

Together they will carry out five years of research and development, to develop a technology that will be patented, as well as a material specific to their range of bits: Adéliane.

Sales of I-Bride bits then begin in September 2020.

These bits are now used by top athletes, distributed in various stores, internationally…


Equine dental technician for twenty years, he taughts at the European School of Equine Dentistry, then at the Equine Center MANCY.

The exercise of his profession brings him to:

– observe and know the importance of oral integrity and the proper functioning of the horse’s TMJ.

– be attentive to the needs and difficulties of the riders.

The exchanges with riders, grooms, farriers, veterinarians, osteopaths, bit fitters but also the teaching of his practice guide his reflection and his researches.

His leitmotif: to be at the forefront of research to improve comfort and the horse/rider connection.


Videographer, he is the image manager.

His objective is to make I-Bride’s research and technology visible and readable. We believe it is important to communicate and explain our progress through visual supports.

Sylvain is responsible of putting into pictures what words have difficulties to say!

Isabelle MOLLON

She is Madam contact… and our transmission belt.

She is the one who answers your requests, questions, impressions…

She is there to inform you about I-Bride news, its novelties and events.

Her job: to act as a link between I-Bride and his customers.

A cohesive team to meet your expectations

To meet rising demand of riders, the team has grown:

  • Charlotte and Marlène take care of the sending and invoicing service;
  • Morgane, our community manager shares the I-Bride adventure on social networks;
  • Esther, our work-study communication officer develop our communication with our partners and customers. She also supports Morgane in her missions.
  • Lucie also joins the group to market I-bride in the United States;
  • Benjamin, equine dental technician, comes to meet you for bit trials.


Morgane CURIAL

Social networks have no secrets for her. Morgane is our community manager, she publishes I-Bride news, shares your reactions, posts upcoming events and answers all your questions in just a few clicks!

She also manage the website with Esther.



Charlotte PROUST

She is one of the 4 hands that packs, folds and labels your shipments!

She goes from virtual order to reality by being in charge of shipping and invoicing orders.

Charlotte has an equine dental technician training, she brings technical insight to our communication but also answers to your questions related to the biomechanics of the horse.


Esther comes to strengthen our team as a work-study communication officer.

She will allow us to develop our communication with our partners and customers.

On the program: organization of study days, develop our communication tools, write articles for our blog…


She is our export manager and our multilingual one.

She tells you about I-Bride in English, German, Spanish… Horse riding has no borders and we want to meet all enthusiasts!

Lucie accompanies us in this ambition.

Marlène BARRET

It is one of the 4 hands that packs, folds and labels your shipments!

She goes from virtual order to reality by being in charge of shipping and invoicing orders.

She takes care of the daily accounting of I-Bride!


Equine dentist, Benjamin goes to meet you with a belt wich allows to record and measure horses movements and riders actions.

He helps you choose the bit adapted to your horse and your riding!