Designer’s words

We made the choice of technical and noble materials resulting from numerous applied researches. We offer you quality products “Made in France” which can be used on several generations of horses and riders. Our product range try to meet the needs of horse/rider couples with a concern for benevolence and respect for life and tomorrow challenges.

A bit composed of 3 layers

I-Bride bits are comparable to a joint in design and functioning!

They are composed of 3 layers:

  • A central core, comparable to the nervous system, which brings information from your hands to your horse. This central core determines the flexibility of our bits.
  • The intermediate core, similar to the skeleton, makes the bit ergonomic! Pressure points are well distributed, the morphology of the horse’s mouth is respected.
  • A covering layer, functioning like the muscles, coats with Adeliane. A comfortable material also able to absorb shocks. It comes in 3 dampings: soft, medium and strong.

couches mors I-Bride

Adeliane: hypoallergenic and biocompatible covering material

The material used for coating our bits is derived from medical innovation.  Adeliane is a patented material registered by I-Bride.

Adeliane has many qualities:

  • Hypoallergenic: this material does not aggress the mucous membranes as many metals used in the conception of the bits can do (allergies, overheating, oedemas…).
  • Comfortable and shock-absorbing: it brings real comfort to the horses and makes them more available to the information transmitted by the rider. I-Bride innovates by transposing the notions of shock absorption (available in 3 dampings) and flexibility to its bits.
  • Biocompatible:Adeliane is like a living matter. The body accepts the bit, like prostheses.It is not a “foreign body”. This particularity offers a notorious benefit on the parasympathetic system. This one does not consider it necessary to defend itself against this “foreign body” introduced into the mouth. Thus, homeostasis is maintained, vital constants reach optimal functioning, without disruption of the parasympathetic system.

By increasing the comfort and relaxation of your horse, it will be available to respond optimally to your demands!  The more your horse is respected, the more its sensory and motor capacities are ready to respond to your aids.

Food grade stainless steel side pieces: non-toxic for the horse

All our side pieces are forged in a food grade stainless steel (loose ring on our classic bits, cheek pieces on our Easy-ride bits). It is a noble material which gives our bits excellent resistance to corrosion, remarkable mechanical characteristics and a long service life.

We have several steps in the manufacturing process. Passivation followed by electro-polishing optimizes protection against external environment attacks. Thoses steps make the material an excellent food grade stainless steel. This stainless steel does not release chromium, which is toxic for horses if ingested.