A local production

I-Bride is an eco-responsible brand with a desire to produce bits from French skills at the service of riders around the world.

I-Bride bits are entirely designed in France, production is realized in a short cycle. We want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible!

It is in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region that the knowledge of four companies and many professionals is put to good use.

A desire to innovate in partnership with professionals in the equine sector

I-Bride technology is designed and developed by an equine dental technician.

To evaluate this technology, I-Bride was accompanied by many players in equine health. This teamwork combining various skills and know-how allows us today to offer you a range of bits at the forefront of innovation.

All of the innovations that we offer are based on the collaboration and expertise of many riders, veterinarians, osteopaths, farriers and bit-fitters.

I-Bride technology is constantly evolving thanks to the reviews and observations of all these professionals.

Well-being of the horse

Our desire is to offer bits designed for the comfort of the horse and the development of its abilities. Its ergonomics and its materials are thought out to respect its anatomy.

The precision and accuracy of the information lead to positive repercussions on the whole body functioning of the equine.

Authenticity & Creativity

I-Bride is committed to have a critical look at its work and transmitting the evolution of its thinking.

Our desire is to continue our research to support the horse and rider alliance.

Help in choosing the bit

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