The I-Bride innovation aims to put the horse in optimal comfort while improving the connection with the rider. The horse’s abilities are thus optimized.

The more the horse is respected, the more its sensory and motor capacities are likely to be connected to the rider.

conception dessins des mors gamme classique I-Bride

What makes the I-BRide innovation successful:


Materials designed for equine well-being


A combination of materials to improve the sensations of the horse and rider

This combination of materials facilitates the communication between the rider and the horse.

How is communication with horse improved?

A central core for the flexibility

I-Bride bits distributes the shock waves from the hand action evenly along the mouthpiece.

The rider’s request is finely retranscribed to the horse for a better connection.

The centrale core brings information from hands to the horse mouth. It is available in 2 flexibilities : Flex- and Flex+. These flexibilities stimulate different mechanoreceptors in the horse’s mouth.

A covering layer for the damping

I-Bride bits respect the morphology of the horse’s mouth. Its hypoallergenic and biocompatible material stimulate positively the parasympathetic system.

The polymer used for the coating is Adeliane©, patented and registered by I-Bride.

The cover layer is available in 3 different damping: soft, medium and strong.

Careful: damp the rider’s hand action does not mean reducing the information transmitted but making it more accurate and precise.

By adapting the damping and the flexibilité of the bit to your horse’s sensitivity, you help improve communication and understanding of information. The I-BRide innovation allows to:

  • Respect the sensitivity and singularity of each horse
  • Allow the horse to be in an optimal comfort during the effort