Easy-Ride D-Ring bit Strong Flex –


Mouthpiece features :

Mouthpiece diameter : 16mm

Mouthpiece type : Easy-Ride Strong Flex -, reactive harness and straight bit equivalent flexibility

Mouthpiece covering material : Adéliane© (from medical innovation).

Sidepiece features :

Sidepiece type : D-Ring

Accessories :

Sold with interchangeability keys and washers.

Patented technologies.

Detailed description

The Easy-Ride Strong Flex- D-ring bit has a responsive damping and an encompassing mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is composed of 3 layers :

  • a central core offering the flexibility of the mouthpiece: flexibility –  stimulate the same mechanoreceptors as a straight bit.
  • the intermediate core giving the mouthpiece ergonomics: the pressure points are well distributed, the morphology of the horse’s mouth is respected.
  • the cover layer providing hardness: the “Strong” mouthpiece is less hardness than a “Soft” or “Medium” mouthpiece. The information transmitted to the horse is less attenuated, allowing the horse react better to the action of the hand.

All our mouthpieces are hypoallergenic and biocompatible. The mucous membranes are protected from overheating, shearing or crushing.

The weymouth branches are made from a noble material: food stainless steel. The characteristics of this material are ideal for use near the horse’s mouth:

  • resistance to corrosion
  • longevity
  • food grade: does not reject any chromium in contact with saliva

Branches are available in two sizes: short and long. The mouthpiece is interchangeable. It is possible to separate the mouthpiece and the side piece  using a key provided with the purchase.

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