Easy-Ride Pegase Medium Flex +


Mouthpiece features :

Mouthpiece length : 135mm

Mouthpiece diameter : 16mm

Mouthpiece type : Easy-Ride Medium Flex +, dynamic hardness and double-jointed bits equivalent flexibility

Mouthpiece covering material : Adéliane© (from medical innovation).

Sidepiece features :

Sidepiece type : 3-rings

Accessories :

Sold with interchangeability keys and washers.

Patented technology.

Detailed description

The Easy-Ride Medium Flex+ Pegase bit is a 3-rings bit. The mouthpiece has a dynamic hardness and double-jointed bits equivalent flexibility.

The mouthpiece is composed of 3 layers :

  • a central core which determine the flexibility: here, the flexibility + allows you to stimulate the same mechanoreceptors as a double jointed bit.
  • the intermediate core giving the mouthpiece ergonomics: the pressure points are well distributed, the morphology of the horse’s mouth is respected.
  • the cover layer providing hardness: the “Medium” mouthpiece is less hardness than a “Soft” and more damping than a “Strong” mouthpiece. The information transmitted from the rider’s hands to the horse’s mouth is partially absorbed. This is an intermediate hardness.

All our mouthpieces are hypoallergenic and biocompatible. The mucous membranes are protected from overheating, shearing or crushing.

The side pieces are made from a noble material: food stainless steel. The characteristics of this material are ideal for use near the horse’s mouth:

  • resistance to corrosion
  • longevity
  • food grade: does not reject any chromium in contact with saliva

The mouthpiece is interchangeable. It is possible to separate the mouthpiece and the side piece  using a key provided with the purchase.

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Cover layer

Cover layer :

The polymer making up the I-Bride bits comes from medical innovation and is called Adéliane©. Hypoallergenic and biocompatible, this material positively solicits the parasympathetic system of the horse.

One of the primary purposes of these bits is to stimulate the horse’s proprioception. Adeliane is very well accepted by horses and is an excellent alternative to metal bits for horses with allergies. This material helps to keep a stable temperature facilitating the acceptance and relaxation of the horse.

These bits are not guaranteed against usury.


Maintenance of the Easy-Ride Medium Flex bit +

The maintenance of the I-Bride bits is very simple. They are cleaned with water after each use. You can occasionally use a bit maintenance product.


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Direction of the bit

Bit direction Easy-Ride Medium Flex +

The key located on the cannon must be placed forward, to the left of the net.

Interchangeable system

Interchangeable system :

Using a key provided with the purchase of our bits, change the cannon or loops in a few seconds.

Our new Easy-Ride cannon, with its T-end, fits on all our interchangeable systems.

Discover our assembly tutorial: https://youtu.be/5_BVFCkD26I