Easy-Ride mouthpiece Medium Flex –


Product Features:

Mouthpiece diameter: 16mm

Mouthpiece type: Easy-Ride Medium Flex –

Dynamic damping and equivalent flexibility to straight bits

Mouthpiece covering material: Adéliane© (from medical innovation).

Patented technologies.

Detailed description

The Medium Flex – mouthpiece is made of 3 layers:

  • a central core offering the flexibility of the mouthpiece: flexibility – stimulate the same mechanoreceptors as a straight bit.
  • the intermediate core giving the mouthpiece ergonomics: the pressure points are well distributed, the morphology of the horse’s mouth is respected.
  • the cover layer providing damping: the “Medium” mouthpiece is less damping than a “Soft” and more damping than a “Strong” mouthpiece. The information transmitted from the rider’s hands to the horse’s mouth is partially absorbed. This is an intermediate damping.