I-Bride was designed entirely in France, the production was carried out in short circuit.


The production of the bits requires expertise of four companies and many professionals.


All these companies are located within the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

I-Bride was thought and developed by an equine dental technician.


His research was based on the collaboration and expertise of numerous horsemen, veterinarians, osteopaths, blacksmiths and bit fitters...


The I-Bride technology is evaluated thanks to the criticisms and observations of all of these professionals.


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Our desire is to offer bits designed for the comfort of the horse and the development of its capacities. Its ergonomics and materials have been carefully thought out to respect its anatomy.


The accuracy and the correctness of the information have improving repercussions on the whole bodily functioning of the equine.


I-Bride undertakes to take a critical look at its work and to transmit the evolution of its thinking.


Our desire is to continue our research to support the horse rider's bond.