A bit designed for a better horse-rider connection and shared comfort

The creation of the I-Bride has built its research on what would allow the horse to be in optimum comfort, while being the most connected to the rider's commands.


By proposing a bit designed for the comfort of the horse, we optimize its capacities.


The more the horse is respected, the more its sensory and motor capacities are likely to be connected to the rider.

The creation of the I-Bride took shape thanks to:

Choice of materials for the welfare of equines

The combinaison of these materials designed to improve the sensations of the horse/rider couple

The combinaison of these materials facilitates communication

 (feeling/reaction) between the rider and the horse.

 ► The barrel for the rider's hands

The barrel was thought so that the tension applied by the rider distributes the pressures exerted on the mechanoreceptors of the horse.



It allows you to refine the rider's command without being fraudulent towards the horse and to connect the rider's feelings to him.



I-Bride offers a canon of two variable flexibilities:

flex- et flex+.




This flexibility has been considered to adapt to the sensivity of the rider's hand.

► The material of the barrel for the horse's comfort

A bit wich respects the morphology of the horse's mouth thanks to a hypoallergenic and biocompatible material which allows to positively solicit the parasympathetic system.


The polymer used for the coating of the bits is Adéliane©, patented and registered by I-Bride.

I-Bride propose trois "amortis" différents: soft, medium, strong.


CAUTION: by "cushioning" the action of the rider's hands does not mean lessening the information given to the horse, but on the contrary making it more precise and fairer.


By adapting the cushioning (softness or firmness) of your bit according to the sensitivity of your horse, you participate in improving your commands.

By adapting flexibility and cushioning of the bit to the sensitivity of your horse, the objectives are to:


► Respect the sensitivity and singularity of each equid.


► Allow the horse to be active in optimum comfort.


► Extend the horse in its movement while submitting the idea of the order.