Equine dental technician for about twenty years. He taught at the European School of Equine Dentistry, then at the MANCY Equine Center.


The practice of his profession has led him to:

- observe and know the importance of oral integrity and the proper functioning of the horse's ATM.

- be attentive to the needs and difficulties of riders.


Exchanges with riders, grooms, farriers, veterinarians, osteopaths, bit fitters, but also the teaching of his practice guided his thinking and his research.


His motivation: to be at the forefront of research to improve comfort and horse / man connection.




Videographer, he is the image manager.


His goal is to make I-Bride's research and technology visible and readable. We thought it was important to convey and explain our progress through visual aids.


Sylvain is responsible for imaging what is difficult to explain in words!


Isabelle MOLLON


This is Madam Contact ... and our transmission belt.


She's the one who answers your requests, questions, impressions ... She's the one to keep you up to date with I-Bride news, new advances and events.


Her job: to bridge the gap between I-Bride and its clients.